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Physics = Mechanical Engineering ?

by Moneer81
Tags: engineering, mechanical, physics
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Apr27-12, 10:53 PM
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Another difference: Thermo. Mechanical engineers take at least one, and often more than one, class on thermodynamics. For many physics majors, the little module on thermo in freshman/sophomore physics is the full extent of their knowledge.
Don't most take statistical mechanics?
Apr28-12, 09:06 PM
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From what I'm picking up a summary might read as follows:

It will only be as hard to get a degree as the number of classes your uni will require you to take.

The hard part is that for the last few years you haven't been thinking about what you're learning in a ME/EE context but rather about how it applies to physics. Those connections are important. I'm sure you understand what I mean but I'll give an example for readers who might not. I can analyze a circuit in a phyics context with a sufficient theoretical understanding of how resistors and other components work but because I learned about circuits in a physics context I missed the engineering bit. So, when I went to design some circuits for a project I didn't know what a footprint was which made it very difficult for me to actually lay out the PCB.
Apr28-12, 09:15 PM
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why did oldengr63 get banned 0_0
Apr28-12, 09:18 PM
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I can't say for sure but maybe it has to do with his collection of posts that read similar to the following quote:

Quote Quote by OldEngr63 View Post
I answered your first question just above; believe it.
I think I have pretty well told you that the second question make no difference (can you read?).

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