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(Reverse) Schottky Diode Question

by band_gapped
Tags: diode, reverse, schottky
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Apr29-12, 05:48 PM
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Is a reverse Schottky diode possible?

I understand the basics of the Schotkky barrier/rectifier commonly achieved by a metal/semiconductor interface.

Recently, it was suggested to me that a "reverse" Schottky junction is possible if the metal is placed against a fully depleted, high carrier concentration semiconductor. Further, this would result in a metal accelerating and reducing recombination of holes for instance in a p-type semiconductor.

I'm skeptical but lack the physics skills for rebuttal.

Any help?

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May1-12, 12:05 AM
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400 views but no replies?

Can I explain something better?
May31-12, 01:49 AM
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I don't understand the question. Yes, research Ohmic.

Otherwise, it sounds like you're suggestion that equilibrium isn't achieved?

in general; when ever two potential differences exist, then a field results. When the material with their respective valence bands and Fermi energy levels are joined, where a depletion region exists, then the net current due to recombination and even thermal electron flows, is ALWAYS 0,for both p or n type contacts. so holes would accelerate across a depleted region. but there will be not net effect.

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