Thermodynamics : Work done in Different Processes

by Abhas Gupta
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Abhas Gupta
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Nov11-12, 10:07 AM
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I need some help in thermodynamics (chemistry).

I'm currently studying in class 11th, preparing for IIT-JEE. I am looking for a precise comparison between the work done in different types of thermodynamic processes on gases.

I searched the net a lot for this stuff, but all i got was explanation of processes in different types of systems.
What I am actually looking for is the comparison in magnitudes of work done in expansion/compression of gases in BOTH REVERSIBLE AND IRREVERSIBLE processes in different types of conditions (isochoric, isobaric etc.)

Can someone please help me out? Thank you.
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Nov11-12, 11:46 AM
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Since you are (presumably) studying Chemistry, look in

Physical Chemistry by Walter J Moore

He shows some very good worked chemical examples of exactly the type you request.

It is also a superb physical chemistry textbook for other purposes by the way.
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Nov11-12, 10:00 PM
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Since I am also preparing for JEE, I am not sure if he'd able to find Walter J Moore here.

Abhas Gupta
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Nov15-12, 10:50 AM
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Thermodynamics : Work done in Different Processes

yea....nuke's right!

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