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General Physics essentials/summary book

by barnflakes
Tags: book, physics
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Nov11-12, 03:46 PM
P: 122
Does anyone have a good book which covers the basics of classical and modern physics in a concise fashion? Something like "Physics for Scientists and Engineers" by Tipler and Mosca but with 1/4 of the page count would be ideal.
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Nov11-12, 05:15 PM
P: 8
You've probably heard of them before, but the Feynman lectures are a really great resource. They're a little lengthy, but they're easy to understand, and the math is comprehensible. I also subscribe to Physics Today, which has a monthly section on recent textbooks and physics books, a decent percent of which are good for undergraduates.
Nov13-12, 05:41 AM
P: 122
I'm a graduate - I really must stress the need for conciseness. I want a book which contains most of classical and modern physics in less than 500 pages, as a reference and also to refresh some out of date physics. I can't be dealing with going through 1500 page door-stops to learn some physics.

Nov13-12, 07:38 AM
P: 97
General Physics essentials/summary book

Have you looked at Physics: A Student Companion?

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