finding a max load from the yield stress

by Lap9387
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Nov15-12, 04:47 PM
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1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known dataI have a bar, 500mm long (0.05m) 10mm wide (0.01m) and 3mm deep (0.003 m)The bat has a load applied in the centre of 30nI know the maximum yield stress is 150 mpa 150x10^6How do I calculate the maximum load the bar can take?2. Relevant equationsI used stress = m y / I3. The attempt at a solutionI calculated the bending moment to be 3.75 at 250mm (.25m) using a shear bending diagram,*I then reversed the equation above to get:150x10^6 = 0.0015m/2.25x10^-11Which gives m as : (150x10^6 x 2.25x10^-11) / 0.0015M = 2.25I know the bending moment is at .25 mSo divide 2.25 / .25I get 9The answer can't be 9n as the question uses 30nCan someone please show me how to solve this?.Thanks in advance x*
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Nov15-12, 04:58 PM
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You missed the most important point. How is the bar supported?
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Nov16-12, 01:37 AM
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Sorry, the bar is simply supported at either end

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