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Fixed Mass of Viscous/Inviscid , Compressible/Incompressible Fluid

by DabaDuBa
Tags: fixed, fluid, mass, viscous or inviscid
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Nov21-12, 11:48 AM
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Hello there ,

could you please explain to me what would happen to an inviscid/viscous incompressible flow (energy,momentum and entropy wise)falling from a height ? ( i.e a dam )

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Nov21-12, 12:28 PM
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boneh3ad's Avatar
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To be honest, I am not really sure what you are asking, especially since you say "invsicid/viscous", which are opposite terms.
Nov21-12, 12:51 PM
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I meant how would each of the mentioned values ( entropy , momentum , energy ) would change for both a viscous and an inviscid fluid for each phase : a ) at the top of the dam , b) while falling c) when it drops d) after the drop

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