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How to calculate lattic energy of RbCl(s), in kJ/mol using Hess' Law

by somekidben
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Nov24-12, 04:05 PM
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The enthalpy of formation (ΔHformation) of Rubidium chloride is -430.5 kJ/mol. The enthalpy of sublimation (ΔHsub) for Rubidium is 86 kJ/mol, and the first ionization energy (ΔHion) of Rubidium is 402 kJ/mol. The bond dissociation energy (ΔHdiss) of Cl2(g) is 243 kJ/mol, and the electron affinity (ΔHea) of chlorine is +349 kJ/mol.

So How do I calculate lattic energy of RbCl(s), in kJ/mol using Hess' Law
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Nov24-12, 05:03 PM
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