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I dont want to work as an engineer

by Riazy
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Nov25-12, 01:10 AM
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Hello everyone i am Guy from Sweden who studies bsc in civil engineering . I have 6 exams left including bsc thesis.

The thing is, i never intended to become an engineer, but due to My parents pushing me to pursue a degree in engineering i did so and followed their advice.

They were obviously wrong about me, i am not suitable
as an engineer ( bad at
math, dont like huge
calculations. I did pass all
undergrad math courses

But passing calculus and linear algebra doesnt tell much about how i will be as future engineer Or what My interests are.

I have the most heavy courses left like mechanics, concrete technology and timber and Steel construction

I am Near to the end of My degree ( final year) with re takes of those courses i listed above

I obviously have no interest in working as an engineer in the future, i feel very depressed and dont know what to do with My degree when i finish

Have you guys got an idea what i can do with My civ eng degree besides engineering?

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Nov25-12, 03:03 AM
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Well that was a (not too long) list of what you didn't like.

How about a list of what you do like?
That would help with suggestions

A fair proportion of people change disciplines after graduation, and most can expect at least one career change during their working life, these days.

If it's any help a former British Prime Minister was a chemistry graduate, A former Chairman of British Gas was a civil engineering graduate, many teachers start as something else, there is a unit at London University dedicated to helping graduate doctors who want to leave the profession.

So tell us your where your interests do lie.
Nov25-12, 03:56 AM
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For the time being getting a job with something related civ eng is not what I want, I would like to get some other jobs not related to engineering

If you know any alternative jobs besides engineering I can get with civ eng degree

My interests lies in arts, design and real estate management

1. Becoming an architect here in Sweden is more difficult than becoming an engineer. Because the marks are basically 100 % to get into one of the three
Universities offering the program, architects are very highly respected here and usually have better starting salaries than engineers!

2. Working in real estate management. I have no idea how to proceed o get in there but what I know is that they require a very strong base in economics which I don't have .

Nov25-12, 04:53 AM
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I dont want to work as an engineer

This subject really belongs in the career guidance section now.
You should PM a moderator and ask for it to be moved.

I suggest you look at least Europe wide if not worldwide.
A civ eng degree will let you into many fields but economics is already heavily oversubscribed.

How about a policy / civil service unit with your own government or the EU?

Many parts of the civil service will let you develop additional needed qualifications whilst working.

go well
Nov25-12, 05:24 AM
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It's blatantly obvious (from the information you've given here) that you want to become an architect/city planner... Arts, design and planning combined with a bit of civil engineering makes for a perfect architect combo.

Finish your civil engineering degree before proceeding to an architect school somewhere other than Sweden. This way your degree won't be wasted, and you'll be able to do something you like.
Nov25-12, 05:49 AM
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Great advice guys, so can you guys recommend some good programs in countries where it's easy to get admission?

Are there any programs of real estate btw?
Nov25-12, 07:08 AM
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Nov25-12, 01:24 PM
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What do u guys think of doing an MBA with focus on real estate? But I think there are no mbas without requirements of work experience
Nov26-12, 03:29 AM
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I agree with Nikitin, transferring from civil engineering to archtecture or city planning should be quite possible. Look at other european countries:
Nov28-12, 06:19 PM
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Quote Quote by Riazy View Post

Are there any programs of real estate btw?
You need to
1) convince some people to lend you money
2) buy some real estate
3) convince someone to rent it from you
4) keep them happy & paying rent
5) sell it full of tenants
6) go to (1)

You don't need to go to school for that, you need to be able to get people to trust you and you need to treat people right

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