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Disappearing Attachment Help Please

by Studiot
Tags: attachment, disappearing
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Dec21-12, 03:00 AM
P: 5,462
Last night I posted post#16, including an attachment in this thread.

When I first posted the entire post disappeared.

I recreated the post a best I could and linked directly (insert picture) to the attachment that was now listed in my control panel.

I see this morning that the words of the post are still there but the attachment has disappeared both from the thread and my control panel.

Help please.
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Dec21-12, 03:32 AM
Borek's Avatar
P: 23,393
I can't see the attachment either and it is not on the attachment list. May have wait for Greg.

What was the file type (extension)?

Try to upload the file again and PM me with the file details, I will edit your post to reinclude the image.
Dec21-12, 04:12 AM
P: 5,462
Thank you for the help.

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