Real vs complex Higgs triplet

by ehj
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Dec22-12, 05:36 PM
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I have read several places that for a simple Higgs triplet model we can have either Y=0, +/- 2 This part I understand, because we have the relation Q=T3+Y/2 and any other Y values would therefore not allow for an electrically neutral Higgs. But what I don't understand is the claim that Y=+/- 2 is a complex triplet while only Y=0 can be real. Can somebody explain this?
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Dec22-12, 06:27 PM
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Y changes sign under charge conjugation, and a Y=2 triplet would therefore be distinct from its antiparticles. Particles equal to their own antiparticles correspond to a real field, while those that are unequal are associated with a complex field. This would be the case even for the electrically neutral member of the triplet.

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