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What are some scientifically valid ways to increase your life expectancy?

by Cinitiator
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Dec21-12, 12:23 PM
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That is just the effect I described. Those males survived all the dangers of the first 80 years, so their total life expectancy is longer. The remaining life expectancy drops all the time (this is different for many other animals, by the way).
Back to the OP, I'm not sure we can call it scientific but, apparently avoiding all of the dangers in life does help increase life expectancy.
Dec24-12, 01:50 PM
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What baby boomers need to live to 100

Your chances of reaching age 100 could be better than you think especially if you get some additional sleep and improve your diet.

U.S. seniors who make it to their 100th birthdays tend to credit social connections, exercise and spiritual activity as keys to successful aging.

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