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Is this Spring schedule too difficult?

by kikko
Tags: difficult, schedule, spring
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Jan2-13, 01:04 PM
P: 46
Atomic & Nuclear Physics - 3
Advanced Physics Lab - 2
Mechanical and Electromagnetic Waves - 3
Intermediate Microbiology - 4
Intermediate Microbiology Lab - 0
Research in Physics - 1
Fencing - 1

That's 14 credits. I need at least 12 for my scholarships.
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Jan2-13, 01:12 PM
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Labs can take up a lot of your extra time. I always thought it was best to do one lab course per semester.
Jan2-13, 04:10 PM
P: 1,062
What is mechanical and electromagnetic waves?

Jan2-13, 04:14 PM
P: 46
Is this Spring schedule too difficult?

It's the second half of Griffith's Electrodynamics mixed with French's Vibrations & Waves.
Jan2-13, 06:50 PM
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Quote Quote by kikko View Post
It's the second half of Griffith's Electrodynamics mixed with French's Vibrations & Waves.
Thats odd. Most people that Ive spoken with have had french before grifiths. Have you already covered the first half of griffiths?

In any case, I think 13 credits of science is a rather light to medium load.
Jan5-13, 04:57 PM
P: 159
I'm not sure how anyone here can evaluate how difficult your courseload is based solely on the titles of the courses. For all we know "Atomic & Nuclear Physics" is taught by an emeritus professor who's super laid-back and the class only requires a few hours a week, while "Intermediate Microbiology" is taught by someone who believes their subject to be incredibly important and wants students devoting 20 hours a week to it. Nobody here knows this. It would probably be better to ask older students at your university.
Jan5-13, 09:08 PM
P: 439
I'm going to give you my generic advice on how to test if a courseload is heavy or not.

1-Make a Spreadsheet that has all the days and hours
2-Put classes in respective time slots
3-schedule 8 hours of sleep
4-schedule normal eating times
5-schedule normal relaxing.hobby.working out time
6-schedule estimated homework/study time (Better estimate is obtain by talking to students who have takent he class.)
7-Determine if this look reasonable or if you'll be in a time crunch.
8-Eat Tacos.

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