Is consciousness essential for life to exist

by rajeshmarndi
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Jan3-13, 11:51 AM
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As someone who gives talks at conferences on the brain and consciousness, I would suggest that commentors first define how they are using the term consciousness before making claims as to who or what is conscious and what is not.
When one talk of consciousness only , it is only consciousness or just being aware of being and not self awareness unless one talk of human being and few other animals(as claimed to be).

Plants can only be conscious of touch but cannot be self awareness and therefore can't act self-consciousnessly. Similarly other living being whose senses are limited, can be conscious respectively.
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Jan3-13, 12:07 PM
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Again, I suggest you look up the word consciousness. You can't just make up your own definitions. Do you really think a cabbage is self-aware?
I guess you are talking of cabbage plant and not cabbage(uprooted) only. All living being or organism are conscious.So a cabbage plant is not self-aware but is only conscious to touch. Just like animals who are not self-aware but are only conscious of their sense. In addition animals have brain which plant doesn't have. That is why plants do not decide where as animals decide but it is driven by their instinct.
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Jan3-13, 12:15 PM
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So a cabbage plant is not self-aware but is only conscious to touch.
That is nonsense. Thread is closed.

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