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Root programming

by lamyaa
Tags: programming, root
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Dec29-12, 10:57 PM
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Hi all,

I want ask you about root programming , if I have A (mass number) for output and input data for experiment how I can comparison between A input and A output
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Dec30-12, 08:33 AM
P: 11,925
Draw both in the same diagram? (histogram->Draw("SAME") iirc).
Draw a two-dimensional plot (probably not in the object browser)?
Dec31-12, 12:13 AM
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thanks a lot ,

but I am beginner in this programming

please, can you explain this point in details

how I can draw both in the same diagram?

Jan4-13, 09:53 AM
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Root programming

It's not super easy to overlay two histograms on the same canvas in root using the root browser.

It's easiest to just use the command prompt or write a script to be executed by root. ROOT is essentially just a collection of C++ libraries, so there really isn't 'root programming' its just C++. One of the previous posters already gave the basic commands for that. I can give a more explicit example if you need it.

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