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Power loss due to ionisation of air from magnetic fields

by CraigH
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Feb4-13, 07:39 AM
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A current carrying wire creates a magnetic field around it, as shown here:

As far as I am aware this usually doesn’t cause a power loss. Even if there is a flux on a nearby conductor there will be no power loss along the wire unless that flux is changing, in which case a emf will be induced on that conductor, meaning there has to be a power loss on the first wire. Correct?

However, if a wire has a current that causes a magnetic field so strong it ionises the air around it, surely this will cause a power loss? as work has been done ionising the atoms.

Also, if a different magnet is put into the magnetic field caused by the wire, it will feel a force on it, and accelerate in the direction of the force, so work is being done here as well.

What I'm basically trying to ask is that if there is a current carrying wire with zero resistance, will it still have loss's due to the fact that it creates a magnetic field?

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Feb4-13, 10:02 AM
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It is the Electric Filed (high voltage) that typically ionizes the air, and this does yield some looses in high voltage systems. I have not heard of a magnetic field causing ionization.

In high voltage systems this un-wanted ionization is called corona - and leads to a lot of problems, so the mechanical design of the systems tries to minimize the development of the corona.

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