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Brain Parts

by biferi
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Jan25-13, 12:42 AM
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Does The Cerebellum mean Little Brain or Tree Of Life?
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Number Nine
Jan25-13, 01:04 AM
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Typing "cerebellum" into google revealed that it means "little brain".
Feb2-13, 01:02 AM
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It's basically the part of the brain below both hemispheres. Think of like a tennis ball just above the neck towards the dorsal part of the brain.

Feb2-13, 11:08 PM
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Brain Parts

Thank you for the help I just have one more thing if you can help?

I was looking on google to see if I could find where the Pineal Gland is in the Brain.

I know it is in the Center part of the Brain going to the Back.

And I did look up Body Of Fornix and Pineal Gland and the photos I could not see to good.

Is the Pineal Gland inback of the Body Of Fornix or on the inside where the Hippocampi are?
Feb4-13, 02:30 PM
P: 193
I looked up more photos of the Pineal Gland and I have a good one but it does not show if it will be behind the Body of Fornix. Here is the URL to go to.,r:1,s:0,i:153

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