Could this solar system have stable orbits.

by willstaruss22
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Feb5-13, 03:14 AM
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The will be a G2v star with the sam mass, radius and luminousity of our sun

Planet 1: 0.5 earth masses orbiting at 0.51 au
Planet 2: 1 earth masses orbiting at 0.63 au
planet 3: 2 earth masses orbiting at 0.78 au
planet 4: 0.2 earth masses orbiting at 0.85 au
planet 5: 4 earth masses orbiting at 0.95 au
planet 6: 0.3 jupiter masses orbiting at 4.2 au
planet 7: 0.08 jupiter masses orbiting at 6.5
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Feb5-13, 04:47 PM
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I believe you need to know the orbital eccentricities to reasonably assess orbital stability. At a glance, it appears the first 5 planets are just too close together to retain long term stable orbits. Planet 4 is particularly suspect due to its relatively massive and nearby neighbors. N-body calculations are not simple.

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