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Free Body Diagram for a Kite

by joedozzi
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Feb5-13, 12:52 PM
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The wind is blowing with a force of 48 N against a kite that Taylor is flying, so that
the tail of the kite makes an angle of 24 to the ground.

I am just really confused on this, I attacted the solution would anyone mind explaining it? I have no idea on how to get this

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Feb5-13, 01:20 PM
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This problem is poorly worded. The angle of the kite depends on the effective point of attachment of the string, which is usually located above the center of lift for stability and causes the angle of the kite to be tilted a bit forward of being perpendicular to the string.

The angle of the string is related to the lift versus drag of the kite (plus drag of the string) and can be nearly vertical if the lift to drag ratio is very high.

The tail of a kite is usualy a flexible material. If the tail is very light, it will be blown nearly horizontal to the ground. If the tail is a thin piece of string with a weight attached to the end of the tail, it will remain nearly vertical to the ground.
Feb6-13, 09:39 AM
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What is the exact wording of the question?

Edit: I deleted my reply because I think it was rubbish! I think we need the exact wording of the question and any diagrams provided.

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