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Frame of reference question about equivalence principle

by brenan
Tags: equivalence, frame, principle, reference
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Feb13-13, 07:25 AM
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I've been giving some thought to the new scientist article about the equivalence principle.
What initially seems like a very simple issue is remarkably tantalising. (please note- I'm not a physicist so this may be quite stupid) This led me on a little to

the question of gravity and direction and my train of thought
leads to the question : Has anyone calculated or done any work relating the the total
pull of gravity of the universe entirely ? Especially from the point of view - Does it have a direction? Could such a thing be calculated.

This sounds like the "is the expansion uniform" question but I think maybe its somewhat different.
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Feb13-13, 07:34 AM
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Well, maybe not the entire universe, but on a very large scale see the Great Attractor. Also the Dark Flow.
Feb14-13, 07:18 AM
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Fascinating links Bill - thank you. I had no idea this concept existed.

Reading through them it seems my suspicions about something may not be
quite so daft but apparently we need the data from the plank survey which is due for release this year to shed light on the dark flow idea. Certainly the graphic images we have seem to suggest (if I am interpreting the shapes correctly) a definable line of galaxies clustering in a pattern of some sort.

If that should tend to confirm the dark flow it opens up some very interesting possibilities for gravity and inertia concepts. At least I think so.

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