Cosmic Natural Selection

by marcus
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May1-05, 06:24 AM
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Quote Quote by Chronos
Strong words from inside the camp. I admit being a critic of ST. It has always been too mushy for me.
Yes, strong compared with what usually comes out in public.
Witten saying (for New Scientist) that he hopes Landscape "isn't on the right track". But not strong enough, I fear, to give critics like Lubos any protection. At String 2003 conference David Gross took a much stronger stand against appealing to Anthropery, quoting a churchill WW2 speech about "never never never give up". It was just in house rather than out in the open.

Do you get the impression that the reason Lubos Motl has been disciplined is because his outspoken rejection of the Landscape? In his "Kennedy Landscape" blog I hear him say flatly that it isnt even interesting enough to disagree with. And I hear him say that it is gradually becoming string dogma that you have to at least consider it, or treat it as worth discussing.
When he says "heresy" I hear him say that now you can't treat it as mere Landfill without getting into trouble.

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