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What's your area and level of expertise?

by Moonbear
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May19-06, 05:48 AM
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currently a student of veterinary medicine. which covers animal biology, bacteriology, biochemistry and basically anything to do with living things.
May19-06, 07:12 AM
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Quote Quote by trinitrotoluene
currently a student of veterinary medicine. which covers animal biology, bacteriology, biochemistry and basically anything to do with living things.
Cool! Could you describe the different available career choices in verterinary medicine? My granddaughter is interested in going into the field and I wanted to become familiar. Just a link to a site would do fine.
Jun26-06, 11:26 PM
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I have over 10 years (not kidding) of experience providing Medical Illustration for publication with a Cancer Research and Care facility.
I supported such scientific and medical practices as:




Medical Physics,





Bone Marrow Transplantation,

Hormone Therapy,

Cancer Research,

including Nutrition and Hospital Administration and funding.

My schooling includes 2nd year Biology (during the advent of auto-tutorials) 4 years of fine arts, and supplimental courses in Art as applied to Medicine... not to mention Digital Illustration foundation courses.

I found that I had to learn the intricate details of a study, research or methodology in order to illustrate them accurately so... I learned quite a lot! Its very cool stuff as you probably know!!!
Jun29-06, 11:21 AM
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I've been lurking the forums for close to a year now, but I rarely post. I am a senior biomedical engineering/biophysics student. My honors research was on adenoviral overexpression of transforming growth factor beta 3 for acceleration of incisional wound healing on rabbits (presented in May at the Wound Healing Society conference in AZ, and being prepared for publication, hopefully *crosses fingers*). I am currently working on developing a model of compartment syndrome (testing S.D. rats at the moment) following tourniquet application and validating a better/less variable assay for muscle viability than nitroblue tetrozolium as my summer internship project at the institute of surgical research. I hope to focus in the field of tissue engineering if I am accepted into a PhD program. My interests include scaffold design for gene delivery/tissue engineering uses, bioreactor design, novel methods for gene delivery, and mechanotransduction.

I absolutely adore PF and have learned so much from you all over the year!
Jul16-06, 09:55 AM
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Next year i will get my BSc degree in biomedical sciences. The most important subject in my major are:

molecular biology and genetics, human physiology, developmental biology, pharmacology,immunology and human pathology(next year)

After my bachelor i will submit for the MSc-program Drug Innovation.
Jul17-06, 03:54 PM
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Quote Quote by Orefa
Hello all, here's my illustrated story! I studied Health Sciences in college. I would surely have preferred Pure Science which would have led me to Physics and Engineering but this was unrealistic given my aversion for math. So I obtained a diploma that was a pre-requisite to veterinary medicine and finished my DVM in 1980. As it turned out I didn't care much for this field but I was too proud to drop out so I completed the program. I didn't go into practice but did government work in animal health and meat inspection instead. After the house was paid off I resigned from an easy, good-paying job and returned to school to do a BSc in Computing Science. Now I program, I make a whole lot less money, and I enjoy it a lot more!
I've never seen anybody use every smilie in their post.
Another God
Jul23-06, 11:37 PM
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Quote Quote by Another God
About to complete my Honours year in Molecular Biology, working with Saccharomyces cerevisiae (Bakers yeast) to study methylglyoxal production, calorie restriction and lifespan.
Update to my original post: Honours completed, now looking for work.

Anyone here looking to hire a molecular biologist interested in Ageing research?

Will work for elixar of youth.

or money... money's handy too.
Jul24-06, 05:08 PM
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This 28th of august, I'll start the beginning of my journey in pursuing a BS in Genetics and Biochemistry. Wish me luck. :) (wish it to me, damnit! I need to feel the luv! =P =D)
Oct22-06, 08:53 PM
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I'm a 3rd year undergraduate in Plant Biology at Cornell. I love all areas of biology, but my favorites are systematics/evolution and plant chemistry.
Oct26-06, 07:06 PM
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I'm a third year undergrad bioengineering student. I have a serious interest in the field of cardiac biomechanics, and I consider myself to be pretty well read up on that subject, even though I know I have a long way to go. Some of my other research interests are in circulation and neuroscience. Hoping to someday achieve an MD/PhD.... we'll see how that goes
Nov6-06, 09:25 AM
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I'm just starting biology as a student, but I study a lot on the side, mostly in exercise/nutrition biochem or whatever, but I want to get into cell bio for repairing for longevity and stuff.
moe darklight
Jan26-07, 03:50 AM
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I just finished high-school and I'm starting film school in July. I'm studying Direction and digital filmmaking, but I also plan to study production, screenwriting, and music production in order to be involved in every aspect of my films (like chaplin or woody allen).

But I love science; most of the time i don't spend creating or enjoying art, I spend studying science. I see art and science as two opposites in a circular spectrum: they are both complete opposites, but, at the same time, so close together that there's a gray area where they both meet.
The way I see it, science is the art of understanding our universe, while art is the science of creating a universe.

I'm really glad I found this forum. I've learned a lot from reading here, straight from experts, amateurs, and students. It's great to find a place where i can have discussions I couldn't normally have with my friends unless they were on acid (I was up 'till 5 AM the other night explaining to my buddy about the electromagnetic spectrum... it blew his mind :) )
Jan26-07, 07:25 AM
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moe, you should check out the thread in General Discussion (if you haven't already) about art and science. You might want to chime in on some of the ideas being tossed around about artists not being interested in the sciences.

A belated welcome to a whole bunch of people!
Jun14-07, 09:34 PM
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I work at a Pharmacy, have my CNA certificate and I want to be a Doctor so I am taking biology courses
Jul31-07, 02:17 AM
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My main interest in Biology was from the reproductive standpoint, but now that I'm married that's pretty much shot to hell.
Sep28-07, 08:59 AM
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Hell, I feel like a youngster. I'm a high school student just starting a physics course. I've learned more on this forum than from anybody else( excluding my parents. Ph.d's in molecular biology and neuroscience.). I looooove this stuff( pardon the teenage idiocy occasionally).
Oct22-07, 11:43 PM
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Quote Quote by Danger View Post
My main interest in Biology was from the reproductive standpoint, but now that I'm married that's pretty much shot to hell.

As for me, I'm just a lowly undergraduate majoring in Molecular and Cell Biology, and seriously considering medical school. I'm also a certified EMT-B if that counts for anything. At the moment, I'm trying to get a position in my cell biology professor's lab to see if I would prefer the research lifestyle.
jim mcnamara
Oct23-07, 09:09 AM
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I'm the senior technical weenie (systems & DB's) at a utility company. Degrees in Botany, Chemistry, Population Biology. Really looong time ago. Taught undergrad Biology about 40 years ago. Left to cover medical costs for kid (faculty had no insurance) and stayed in systems programming. My salary immediately tripled on leaving teaching - I view teaching as very worthwhile. Told me what our Western culture really values....
Still teach a class every now and then.

I'm semi-current in plant taxonomy, and some very minor aspects of non-linear applications like dispersion modeling. I was active years ago in Fractint, if you know about that.

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