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Magnet valve

by TSN79
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Dec2-05, 12:26 PM
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I'm doing some drawings on a cooling system, which includes a couple of so called "magnet valves". What excactly is a magnet valve, and does it actually have anything to do with the normal type of magnets?
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Dec2-05, 12:40 PM
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I believe it to be as per a normal solenoid valve, but with a permanent magnet so that when power cannot be supplied (in an emergency, for instance) the valve can still actuate to an off position. They're used in gas cookers as safety devices, I believe.
Dec2-05, 08:03 PM
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So do you physically move the magnet into position, or is the valve held against it by a stronger electromagnet, or what? If the latter, a spring would make more sense. If the former, why not just a lever?

Dec2-05, 09:11 PM
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Magnet valve

I have never personally heard of the term. However, it makes sense that it is simply a solenoid valve since the entire operation is based on moving an iron core in a magnetic field.

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