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New Theory on why tornadoes occur.

by meldave00
Tags: occur, theory, tornadoes
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Jul14-06, 11:13 PM
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To date, I don't believe scientist have a concrete scientific explanation on why tornadoes really occur in nature. There are some theories, but they have never really been proven. I believe that the this guys theory may be pointed in the right direction. Please read the article and comment if you like.


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Jul15-06, 12:46 AM
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meldave, this forum requires that all links to scientific material be those of established science - these include standard textbook science reported in online encyclopedias or similar resources, papers published in peer-reviewed journals, news articles and reports from well-established sources, and in the rare occasion, preprints accepted by the arXiv. So, there is a fair possibility that this thread will be deleted.

That said, I visited the linked article and quickly scrolled down to the first set of equations. The force equations all have the force pointing the wrong way. Methinks the author may have these tornadoes turning in the wrong direction!
Jul15-06, 10:17 AM
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TLDR. However, I will say that if this person is not fudging his credentials, his work experience alone at Republic and AEDC are top notch in my book.

I will give this a bit more of a look over. However, I will also have to brush up on current accepted theories on tornados as well. This may take a bit.

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