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Latex is not working

by scott1
Tags: latex, working
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Oct17-06, 07:20 PM
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Did I miss something up when I was writing this equation? The fracttion won't wrok

[tex]\frac {1}{2}[/tex]
EDIT:It now seems to be working...
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Oct17-06, 07:22 PM
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Looks good to me! Cleared your cache yet?
Oct19-06, 08:59 PM
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I found this on archive. I just post for 3 seconds.

Hmm--I prefer to keep the static friction coefficients as \mu _{S,1} and \mu _{S,2} until the end, where
\left\{ \begin{gathered}
\mu _{S,1} = 0.60 \hfill \\
\mu _{S,2} = 0.20 \hfill \\
\end{gathered} \right\}
and F_{net,1} is the net force for the top block, F_{net,2} is the net force for the bottom block. Here's my solution:
\left\{ \begin{gathered}
F_{net,1} = a \cdot 4.0kg = F_T - 39N\mu _{S,1} \hfill \\
F_{net,2} = a \cdot 3.0kg = 39N\mu _{S,1} - 69N\mu _{S,2} \hfill \\
\end{gathered} \right\} \Rightarrow
a = \frac{{F_T - 39N\mu _{S,1} }}{{4.0kg}} \Rightarrow

3.0kg\frac{{F_T - 39N\mu _{S,1} }}{{4.0kg}} = 39N\mu _{S,1} - 69N\mu _{S,2} \Rightarrow
\frac{{3.0}}{{4.0}}\left( {F_T - 23N} \right) = 9.6N \Rightarrow F_T = 36N
\therefore a = \frac{{36N - 23N}}{{4.0kg}} = 3.3\frac{m}{{s^2 }}

*Because v_0 = 0 \frac{m}{s} , and I like to set x_0 = 0 m ,
\therefore v = \left( {3.3\frac{m}{{s^2 }}} \right)t \Rightarrow x = 5.0m = \left( {3.3\frac{m}{{s^2 }}} \right)\frac{{t^2 }}{2} \Rightarrow t = 1.7s

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