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Oxidation of Potassium

by garytse86
Tags: oxidation, potassium
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Feb24-04, 10:37 PM
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Is there any reason for Potassium to react with excess oxygen to give a superoxide, not simple or pero-?

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Feb25-04, 03:55 PM
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Potassium superoxide does indeed exist and has been used daringly as an organic reagent. Particularly in Kishi's monensin synthesis.

Or are you asking how it's made?
Feb26-04, 12:58 AM
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No, I just want to know whether there is any particular reason that potassium is oxidised to give potassium superoxide, not potassium peroxide / potassium simple oxide, in ecess oxygen.


Mar2-04, 07:32 AM
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Oxidation of Potassium

can someone give an answer please?

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