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Do human eyes grow?

by Mk
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Jul2-07, 06:56 PM
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Do human eyes grow? I was thinking this might be a reason why people think big eyes are "cute," if babies were born with the same size eyes they have when they are old.
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jim mcnamara
Jul3-07, 09:22 AM
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Mammals respond to smaller versions of themselves only with disproportionately large heads as juveniles. Dogs are apparently able to distinguish adult humans from children in the same way.

I have read about the above - but not about large eyes. That doesn't rule out that it may be possible.

We make teddy bears, koala bears, penguins and human dolls with exaggerated head sizes so human buyers will think they are cute, for example.

You know, if you're looking for an ethology thesis topic, the big eyes thing could be very interesting.... unless of course it's already a done deal.
Jul3-07, 06:48 PM
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Yes, eyes grow from the time your born. If I recall correctly, I believe they are about 75% of the size they will be at adulthood.

Jul3-07, 10:48 PM
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Do human eyes grow?

I'm glad that I've never seen a baby picture of Marty Feldman.
Jul4-07, 05:44 PM
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Isn't elongation of the eyeball one of causes of myopia (light is no longer focused at the retina)?

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