A sinusoidal wave

by johnchang
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Sep22-07, 07:07 AM
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pls help me on this problem, thanks a lot.

A sinusoidal wave is described by y=(0.30 m)sin(0.20x-40t). Determine the wave speed.
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Sep23-07, 09:58 AM
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What are the individual parts of the sin wave? 0.30 would be your amplitude, right? Break it down. What is the .20x and -40t?

A sin wave holds the form y = Asin(wt - kx + phase shift) + D, where D is DC offset. w is in rad/sec. K is .20, which is your WAVE number. K = 2*pi*f/c = 2*pi/lambda = w / c. Go from there.

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Sep24-07, 10:28 AM
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I got it.

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