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An RC Ciruit

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Oct4-07, 03:19 PM
P: 21
If a charged capacitor c=35 micro farads is connected to a resistor R=120 ohms how much time will elapse until the voltage falls to 10^6/D of its original max value?

Ciruit contains a switch, resistor, emf and a capacitor in series.

Relevant equations are Time constant= T=cR and V(Final)=V(initial) e^-t/cr

I think it requires logarithms but i am not sure.

Can you please help me how to answer this.
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Oct4-07, 03:24 PM
P: 21
Another question is:

A circuit containing a switch, Vo, a capacitor and a bulb in series.

The capacior is originally uncharged. Describe the behaviour of the bulb from the instant the switch is on until a long time later.

I think there will be a delay for the bulb to emit light and then it will emit light getting slowly brighter as the capacitor is getting charged up.

Is this right???

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