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Standing Sound Waves

by Kites
Tags: sound, standing, waves
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Oct27-07, 06:53 PM
P: 41
Solved it. Thanks anyway.
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Oct27-07, 07:06 PM
P: 863
Wait, how do you know the velocity of the wave? Doesn't that only work for a wave in air? Shouldn't you use a different value for the velocity on a string?

EDIT: It really doesn't matter, though. Everything but the length and frequency will cancel.

So if F = 440hz, then F1 = 440hz = xF2 = x(523hz), right? Where x is some constant to get 440 (don't want to calculate it =/ )

So then F1 = m(v/(2*30)) = xm(v/(2*L))

You know everything but L by now and everything else cancels.

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