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Which psychology is this?

by Skhandelwal
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Dec4-07, 05:16 PM
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I have to choose a branch in psychology to major. But before that, I wanna see what kinda job I am gonna do, that way I can predict my salary.(weather it is uphill)

Here is the description:

I wanna study about emotions, alpha, beta and beyond levels on conciousness. And how those levels influence the whole body and perception of reality. I wanna be able to research on mental questions such as why do I ask question. Why are we afraid of death?

I know it sounds similar to Personality psychology but is it a blend of some other psychology too?

Which is the most advanced branch of psychology?(Theoretical I am guess...neuro/experimental psychology?)
Which is most funded?(clinical I am guessing as it is applied)
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Math Is Hard
Dec4-07, 06:54 PM
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Why don't you take a general class in introductory psychology and see if there is a particular area of the field that you find interesting.
Jan3-08, 11:33 PM
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Why not declare a general psych major and then figure out what you want to do and specify your major later?

and to answer i think clinical is the most well paid and as far as most advanced that depends on what you mean by advanced.

and also looking at your description it looks like experimental psych/neurology that you're talking about. i find that subject particularly fascinating.

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