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Periodic table in another planet

by ffrancis
Tags: periodic, planet, table
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Jan1-08, 04:43 AM
P: 11
When I was in college years ago, I came across this test question:

How will the periodic table of elements look like in another planet?

Perhaps, it is asking for a general answer. Do you know if it will change the order of the elements?
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Jan1-08, 05:03 AM
P: 440
no, i don't think so. the elements in the periodic table exist throughout the universe. except the man made ones.

now, if the question is asking for elements present on another planet, then it might not be as much as many as found here. or you might even have elements which are not found on earth.

each element has its own proton number. elements with proton number 1 to about proton number 105 are here on earth.

the elements are arranged in order of increasing proton number; the order will not change.

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