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Any reaction with asphalt and magnetized iron.

by Johnny35
Tags: asphalt, iron, magnetized, reaction
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Jan8-08, 06:38 PM
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1. if one had a bar of iron that was magnetized and tossed it around on the asphalt, why does it get demagnetized.

2. how can i re magnetize it?

3. I don't get the question
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Jan9-08, 02:52 PM
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It wouldn't.
Jan9-08, 02:58 PM
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The only thing I can think of is that random impacts will eventually demagnetize it, but...really slowly unless you're slamming it into the asphalt at like 3000 mph. The fact that it's asphalt doesn't matter

Regardless, you can remagnetize and magnetize things(not EVERY thing as you know) by putting them in a strong external magnetic field

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