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Amplification of energy

by giann_tee
Tags: amplification, energy
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Mar21-08, 09:19 AM
P: 133
I'm reading as a science hobbyist this site:
[crackpot link deleted]

It has many hyper links so there is further reading and the theme is ecology, green energy, inventions and stuff. What makes me feel revolting is this:

Did anyone ever heard, anywhere in any context of such a thing as "amplification of energy" or for that mater amplification of anything?
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Mar21-08, 10:02 AM
P: 22,313
"Amplification of energy" would seem to be a violation of conservation of energy and it isn't something that has real meaning to scientists. The page is a wiki, which means all the content is generated by the users and some will be good and some bad. In this case, most looks bad. There is an awful lot of perpetual motion crackpottery being pushed there.

Also, please be advised, we don't do one-by-one debunkings of crackpot materials here. It is a waste of time and we would quickly become inundated by crackpots. So I need to remove the link to keep them from finding the thread.

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