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Difference in index refraction

by edmondng
Tags: difference, index, refraction
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Apr9-08, 04:46 PM
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What does a higher index of refraction really mean? I know about speed wavelength etc but lets say you have 2 different material to choose and ignoring other variables, and focal length, diameter are all the same between both material, would you choose a lower index refraction or higher.

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Apr9-08, 08:51 PM
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One thing is that the curvature of the lens will be different.
This may or may not be important to you.
For multi element lenses I think they use different materials to correct for chromatic aberration in the final result.
Other than that no idea.
Apr12-08, 06:09 AM
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Depends on the application and what "material" we're talking about.
Eg. With lenses, they are graded index (which corrects for aberration) which on average has a low refractive index. Lenses that do not automatically correct for chromatic aberration may have a lower or higher index.

Apr14-08, 09:13 PM
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Difference in index refraction

A higher-index lens will require less curvature to give the same focal length as a lower-index lens. Spherical aberrations will be less severe owing to the reduced curvature.

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