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What is the default access specifier in c#

by chandubaba
Tags: access, default, specifier
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Jul19-08, 05:06 AM
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what is the default access specifier in c#. In college everyone says its private, but in the text book its written "When you do not specify any data member as public, protected or private the default access specifier for a class is internal."

And in one forum I read that default access specifier for class is internal but for class members is private. But again in the same forum someone says everything is private. Which is correct?
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Jul27-08, 04:55 PM
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Things declared outside of a class or struct will default to internal. Things declared inside of a class or struct will default to private.
Mar31-09, 10:55 PM
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C# Access Specifiers in detail


Jan29-10, 09:30 PM
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What is the default access specifier in c#

refer to this

Top-level types, which are not nested into other types, can only have internal or public accessibility. The default accessibility for these types is internal.

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