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Would metal hitting metal or metal hitting glass make more noise?

by JimmyJockstrap
Tags: glass, hitting, metal, noise
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Aug3-08, 03:30 AM
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If you have a lump of metal would it make a louder noise if it hit glass or metal?
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Aug3-08, 03:48 AM
HW Helper
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Well if the lump of metal smashed the glass and your family screams at you for being crazy that would certainly be louder than if it hit another metal right?
oedipa maas
Aug3-08, 03:58 AM
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Metal is more elastic than glass - and so metals can be struck harder and vibrate at larger amplitudes without breaking.

Maybe you can get a glass marble and a steel ball bearing and drop them on a metal plate and see what is louder.

May26-10, 07:56 PM
P: 3
Would metal hitting metal or metal hitting glass make more noise?

Metal with Metal. The elasticity transfers the kinetic forces into vibrations and sounds better than glass.

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