Why only for old men ?

by porums
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Sep5-08, 09:38 PM
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I wonder how viagra helps the blood concentration on such a particular region if the taker does not try to control his mind on what he is doing. What if one has a spinal cord injury ?

Most of the doctors explain the drug is used only for old men who want to have an erection during sexual intercourse not for young men who want to gain better power. Why do they explain so always seems a myth to me [I am not a doctor] ?
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Sep6-08, 09:11 AM
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Viagra help by relaxing the blood vessel in the penis which increases the blood flow in that area and therefore it help resolves the dysfunction. It is usually for older men because blood vessel tend to harden (i.e. poor blood flow) during the aging process. Therefore young men do not benefit from Viagra unless they have a certain condition that lead to a dysfunction. It does not increase "power".

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