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Design calculation

by Analysis
Tags: calculation, design
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Nov12-08, 11:06 PM
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Approach to the design calculation

As shown in layout worm wheel and worm are used to lifting machine part.
This worm wheel is used to pretension the torsional spring in the mechanism.
This worm wheel and worm is rotated by using of handle after that certain angle of rotation this worm wheel is locked by pin (hole in the worm wheel)

Now my clarification is for designing the worm wheel parameters = torque generated by spring element (for this torque module ,lead angle ,length has to be fixed up so as that worm wheel does not break while rotating ?)
(To lock this torque) pin dimensions = (3.14*d^3 /16 *fs) = Torque in the worm wheel

In worm wheel at what radius pin hole to be made? pin diameter can we found the above relation?

Comment the above approach....

THanks in advance
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Nov15-08, 03:27 AM
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I think guys are not interested....?

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