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Ratio kinetic energy of alpha particle / kinetic energy of proton

by 385sk117
Tags: electric current, physics, ratio
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Apr21-09, 02:17 PM
P: 50
1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
A photon and alpha particle are accelerated from rest through the same potential difference.
After acceleration what is the ratio kinetic energy of alpha particle / kinetic energy of proton?

2. Relevant equations
I guess I have to use eV = 1/2mv^2

3. The attempt at a solution
I dont know what value have to be used in place of e in equation eV = 1/2mv^2
the mass of alpha particle is approximately 4 times of photon and that's all i know
I guessed the answer as 4 but the answer was 2
I think there is something to do with the velocity of alpha particle and photon but i'm stucked can not think of anything..
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Apr21-09, 02:24 PM
P: 211
An alfa particle has two protons, so that's twice the charge of one proton.
Apr21-09, 11:24 PM
P: 50
Thanks a lot! So i didnt have to know the exact charges but the ratio

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