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U value of glass

by Joellll
Tags: glass
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May9-09, 01:23 AM
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hey guys just a quick question
Does anyone know the u value of jusy normal glass?
Ive looked everywhere and ive got different answers on source says 5.4 and another says something like 1.08, 5.5 seems pretty high but i think id better find out for sure thanks for any reply's:)
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Vanadium 50
May9-09, 06:08 AM
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What is a U-value?
May9-09, 06:12 AM
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U value is the inverse of R value which is a measurment of how well a material insulates

May9-09, 08:30 AM
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U value of glass

For a single pane window with plain, ordinary 1/4" glass, I use a u-value of around 1. Here's a table I just googled:

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