How the Berkeley edition Calculus book by Stewart differs from the "standard" one?

by tripplez
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Mar25-10, 02:49 AM
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Since I'm going to do a self study of so-called Calculus II, I've made my research and decided to go with the course schedule from Berkeley Math 1B. Here are some of the schedules from the recent years:

The problem is that I already have Stewart's Calculus - Early Transcendentals - 6th edition, but the course pages mention that the books are close but have some differences. My concern is mainly the homework assignments/exercises that are in the courses schedule and how they differ from the "standard" book (the 6th edition). Since my schedule is tight I want to do the right amount of exercises, and to do the most appropriate exercises...I guess that the ones for homework in the Berkeley courses are just OK. I can go overboard and solve, for instance, all or almost all odd numbered exercises, but I think it will be too much...maybe sometimes later...

So, the question: is there a description of the differences between the "standard" book edition and the Berkeley edition - for example, renumbering of the chapters and/or sections, whether the exercises are the same, etc.

Thanks in advance
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