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Probability of an outcome given multiple attributes

by redeemer90
Tags: correlation
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Jun9-10, 02:15 PM
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Lets say I have the following attributes...
Body fat percentage, Body mass index
Outcome = obese (yes / no)
I have data for all attributes and outcomes. What I'd like to do is a joint probability. For example I'd like to know what the probability is of someone being obese given their BMI and body fat percentage.

I can calculate the correlation between the attributes and the outcomes. My intuition tells me that I need to combine the correlation in some way, but can't seem to find any information on this.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

- Sid
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Jun9-10, 02:39 PM
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I don't know about joint probability, but I'd say something like this would do:
P(being obese) = P(person with BMI x being obese) * P(person with Body Fat Percentage n being obese)
Jun9-10, 03:13 PM
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You should look into regression analysis with a limited (binary) dependent variable, "limdep."

See "logit" and "probit" under:

Jun9-10, 08:31 PM
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Probability of an outcome given multiple attributes

It sounds like you're actually looking at discrete choice modeling:

Found this under the article that Enuma linked to.
Jun10-10, 10:46 AM
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Thanks for all the help. Will look in to all the links now and see which one suits my needs.

- Sid

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