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Magnitude and direction of force

by xxninixx
Tags: direction, force, magnitude
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Aug26-10, 08:21 AM
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Hi everyone. Im new here so i dont know how this place works.
I got a problem::

A horizontal bend in a pipeline conveys water at a discharge at 1000l/s gradually reduces from 600mm to 300mm and deflects the flow through an angle of 60 degrees. At the larger end the pressure is 170000N/m^2. Determine the magnitude and direction of the force exerted on the bend.

I can do this question if it only had one length(600 or 300). Not sure what to do now because of the gradual decrease. help?
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Aug28-10, 09:21 AM
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Welcome to Physics Forums.
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Hi everyone. Im new here so i dont know how this place works.
For school homework problems, or any textbook-style problems that are for your own independent study, it works this way:

1. Post the problem in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions subject areas here:
2. When you make your post, list any and all equations that apply, or you believe could apply, to solving the problem. Solving this problem will involve using equations. If you don't know the equations, look for them in your textbook or class notes.

3. Try using those equations you found, see how far you can get towards solving the problem yourself. Show your attempt at solving the problem, however far you got, when you make your post.

Hope that helps.

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