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Defining piecewise function in matlab

by tmpr
Tags: defining, function, matlab, piecewise
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Oct27-10, 12:46 AM
P: 5
How would you write piecewise functions in matlab that can take vector inputs?

Here's a function that I'm trying to write.
function y=g(x)
if x==0
If I call g([0,pi/2]), I want it to return [0,2/pi], but what I get instead is [NaN,2/pi]. I'm guessing when I write x==0, matlab is comparing the entire input to 0.
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Nov3-10, 12:30 AM
P: 333
Try this to eliminate the problem at x=0.

g = @(x) 1.*(x==0) + (x~=0).*sin(x)./(x+(x==0));
t=[0 pi/2];

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