The molecular field approximation

by matematikuvol
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Oct9-11, 04:10 PM
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[tex]\hat{A}\hat{B}\approx \hat{A}\langle\hat{B}\rangle+\hat{B}\langle\hat{A}\rangle-\langle\hat{A}\rangle\langle\hat{B}\rangle[/tex]

What this mean physically? What we neglect here?

If I calculate Neel temperature using this method [tex]T_N^{MFA}[/tex] and using RPA method [tex]T_N^{RPA}[/tex] is there some relation between those temperatures?
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Oct9-11, 10:55 PM
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mean-field approximation method
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Oct10-11, 08:06 AM
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Perhaps a natural way to see the decomposition is if A and B are fluctuations around some mean, i.e. <A> = <B> = 0. Then you just have AB ~ 0, i.e. you are neglecting correlated fluctuations in A and B.

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