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by Darth Frodo
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Darth Frodo
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Oct14-11, 04:43 PM
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Are pop-science books / tv-shows ruining science?
I have noticed recently a lot of young members (not that i'm an all knowing wise man) being fascinated by the mysteries of quantum physics. This is good, it keeps my generation interested in physics.
But one thread in particular caught my attention. Someone wanted to know how much maths they needed for particle physics and they were 14. Books such as the elegant universe really water down and dare I say mislead young enthusiasts.
I see a great advantage in these books aswell, it was what made me realize that I wanted to enter physics as a career. I have gone through this phase aswell. I remember saying to my parents that I was going to prove string theory LOL.
Perhaps pop-science books have their pro's and con's.

What's your opinion?
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Oct14-11, 06:47 PM
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Same. It was my interest in science, spurred on by pop science mags and TV that got me cracking the real textbooks in high school and college.

I like knowing what makes things tick. ;)

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