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Wave Phenomena - Refraction

by Peter G.
Tags: phenomena, refraction, wave
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Peter G.
Nov26-11, 03:56 PM
P: 437

I am learning about refraction and the million ways in which Snell's Law is presented to me is making me confused...

So, I understand that:

sin i / sin r, will give me the ratio of speeds ci/cr and λir

However, I can't understand this form of:

n1sin i = n2 sin r

How does it drop out?

Peter G.
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Doc Al
Nov26-11, 04:13 PM
Doc Al's Avatar
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Don't forget the meaning of the index of refraction:
n = c/v (where c = speed of light in a vacuum and v = speed of light in the media)

In your notation:
c1 = c/n1
c2 = c/n2

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