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Oscilloscope triggering function on aperiodic signals...

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Feb8-12, 01:19 PM
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Hello Forum,

if we are trying to display a periodic signal (sine, square wave, triangular wave, etc...) on the oscilloscope we can use the trigger function: once the electron beam goes across the screen it returns back to the left side and starts "drawing again".

1) Does the electron beam turn off while it travels back to the left side?

2) if the signal we are trying to display is not periodic,what trigger function do we use? There AUTO, positive slope, negative slope, external trigger, etc...Without trigger, a periodic function would not start at the same place and we would view many overlapping signals....

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Feb8-12, 03:43 PM
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1) Yes, the electron beam is turned off during "retrace"

2) Did you mean to write "Without trigger, an APERIODIC function...?" Then, yes, you would use AUTO and experiment with slope. External trigger is often necessary.

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