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Molecular dipole moment...

by leopold123
Tags: dipole, molecular, moment
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Mar4-12, 12:30 AM
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Could anyone help me in solving this following problem. From the given data, i could calculate the dipole moments of all the disubstituted chlorobenzenes(o-, p- and m- isomers)..but i couldnt calculate the following...I would be thankful if anyone comes up with a needful explanation....thanks...

Given that the dipole moment of chlorobenzene is 1.70 Debye. Calculate the dipole moment of 1,3,5-trichloro benzene...
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Mar4-12, 02:46 AM
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Where is the problem?

In a way this is a trick question, as there is no need to calculate anything, it it enough to think for a moment. But properly calculated answer would be identical.

Hint: treat dipole moments as vectors.

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