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by medwatt
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Mar5-12, 06:56 PM
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To cut a long story short, I'm looking for physics books starting from Classical mechanics and going on to relativity and quantum mechanics. But the types I'm looking for are the intuitive ones. I want a book which will improve my knowledge and not just care about solving problems. A book in which a lot of ideas are discussed and are not left for the reader to deduce without depending heavily on mathematics because I want them for self study. Really a book with a lot of phenomenons discussed that will make one very aware and think cautiously about everything after he's finished reading them. Secondly I would like a suggestion on the order which I should follow before going into quantum physics and relativity. BTW I am an electrical engineer with great interests in physics.
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Mar5-12, 07:19 PM
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For me Dover Publications has a superb collection of works in the sciences. I own many of them, and still want some others.

“Over a dozen Nobel Laureates appear on our prestigious physics list, including Richard P. Feynman, Albert Einstein, Max Planck, Paul A. M. Dirac, Gerhard Herzberg, Wolfgang Pauli, and the great Indian astrophysicist Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar.”
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Mar7-12, 12:01 AM
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I have seen a book called Conceptual Physics by Hewitt and really is a very interesting read. Are there more of such types books ?

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